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Carbon Steel Submerged Arc Welding Wire


Product origin :HUNAN,CHINA

Delivery time :20days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :5000ton per week

submerged arc welding products manufactured by our company have excellent welding and machinery performance and be used with many kinds of welding flux. The electric arc is steady , deslagging process us easy , welding line is formed well and the welding speed is fast. There is no splashing and arc stimulation in the melting of welding wire. The welding line surface is bright and clean, and the welding quality is guaranteed and it is prone to realize mechanization and automatic welding.

In the light of the characteristics of the submerged arc welding wire, our company has mainly developed products package from large heavy single package including products with special package style such as fine round package products with single weight f250kgs,300kgs and 350kgs.

Submerged arc welding wire are widely used in ship building industry, large steel structure,pressure vessels, bridges and so on. Some products with special marks have been used in welding of vessels in the nuclear power station.

Chemical Composition

ItemSpecificationsChemical Composition
AWS E1122.0MM
AWS EM12≤0.10.8-
AWS EH14≤0.121.5-
AWS EM13K≤0.140.8-1.10.6-0.90.0350.0350.20.30.35

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

ModelMachanical Properties of Deposited MetalApplication
AWS E112-2027Suitable for welding structures fabricated by 450MPa grade steel, e.g. LPG cylinder or ship structures as same strength.
AWS EM12-2027For welding 450MPa-500MPa grade structures, such as boiler, bridges, pressure vessels as well as LGP cylinder.
AWS EH14-4027Suitable for fabricating 500MPa-550MPa grade strength structures, as ship hulls, bridges, pressure vessels and H-beam structures.
AWS EM13K-2027For welding structures made by 500MPa grade carbon steels, such as boiler, bridges, pressure vessel etc.
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