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Air plasma cutting torch

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :3000 pcs/month

Air plasma cutting torch uses the heat of high temperature plasma to make the metal at the work piece cut melt locally, and use high-speed plasma momentum to discharge molten metal to form a cutting seam.

It is widely used because of its:
fasting speed
high cutting precision
easy setting of cutting conditions
easy to realize automation
unmanned operation and relatively low cost

Characteristics of air plasma cutting torch:

Air plasma cutting torch

P80 5m/10m

1. rated current: 80A WITH HF

2. temporary load rate: 60% DUTY CYLE

3. gas flow: 220L/min

4. pressure: 4.5-5.0 Bar

5. gas delay: 80s POST FLOW

6. electrode cutting nozzle with porcelain protective cover

7. M16*1.5 cable interface( ID≈14.5mm)

8. non-contact arc

9. light switch

10. two-core small aerial plug

11. anti-fire leather sleeve

12. the switch uses micro move 100,000 times, no need to replace

13. durable plasma cutting torch


1. electrode+nozzle+protective sleeve+distributor

2. size: 5M

3. material:  copper+porcelain

4. working pressure: manual contact type

5. connector nut size: M16/M14

6. oxygen-free copper, delicated tube of plasma cutting gun. 

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